A Seat at the Table


A Glass of rosé in an adirondack chair, a three-michelin star menu, and...

A ride home in an eco-friendly Cadillac. These elements combined for a luxurious evening with a purpose. Co-hosted by FEED founder Lauren Bush Lauren, a portion of the proceeds from each ticket sold went to FEED Supper, a campaign to fight hunger in the United States by raising money and awareness for communities in need.

Guests arrived in Cadillacs (leant for the occasion by the event sponsor) before pulling on some Hunter boots and foraging—yes, literally foraging—around the evening’s setting, the Amber Waves Farm. Chef Christopher Kostow prepared the dinner, featuring some goop-worthy ingredients (corn with butter and dried yeast was rumored to be a highlight).

From our perspective, there’s nothing better than two clients, Goop and FEED, working together on a project, especially one that will help people across the country.


Images originally appeared on goop.com/roadtotable/