FEED, 10 Years Later


Where will you be in 10 years, and how much of an impact will you have made on the world by then?

Not easy questions to answer. In 2007, FEED set out on a mission to feed the world, and this past month they surpassed 100,000,000 meals given to people across the globe. They’ve been a part of relief for some of the world’s most tragic events: the Haiti earthquake, the Syrian refugee crisis, the Philippines typhoon, and the countless hurricanes that have hit the US in recent years. The FEED team has also donated their time to these efforts, visiting places such as Uganda, Honduras, and Cambodia to witness the brand’s impact.

And they’re just getting started. 

Although FEED might best be known for their signature FEED 1 bag, their collection has grown. This past month, they released the 10th anniversary collection which features simple, elegant designs inspired by its OG burlap cousin. The company now also offers FEED Suppers, an opportunity for ordinary citizens to engage in a big way. Through FEED Suppers, anyone can sign up to host a dinner where guests make a donation to provide meals to families in need. So far, over 2,000 hosts have donated over five million meals.

FEED’s founder Lauren Bush Lauren created the company with the idea that giving doesn’t have to happen in the abstract: that’s why FEED stamps the number of meals given with your purchase directly on each product they sell. Charity touches each part of FEED’s business model; they work with local artisans in the places where they donate meals, making their investment in countries like Guatemala and India more robust.

Sometimes, the world’s most challenging and complex problems are the ones we feel too powerless to approach. FEED took one of those problems—world hunger—on one meal at a time, and it’s making a difference.

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