Goop on paper


While other brands are struggling to innovate and decipher the best ways to reach audiences,

Goop is leading the charge in the latest wellness trend, travel destination, and fashion craze. Whether it's switching to organic beauty products or getting stung by bees to heal a scar, Goop knows how to mix the luxurious (and at times over-the-top) with the relatable. Goop was on the fringe of wellness when it started in 2008, but fast-forward 9 years and suddenly, many of Goop’s tips are part of the mainstream – just look at the prevalence of matcha, bone broth, and collagen for proof. This made 2017 the perfect time for Goop to release their print publication.

So why would a progressive brand like Goop turn to paper when so many magazines (including many from partner company Conde Nast) are shifting to online-only or being completely shut down?

It all comes back to knowing your audience, something we’re big fans of at Loup Digital.

Goop’s audience hits up the local Soul Cycle studio before a yoga class, then makes a spirulina smoothie when they get home before a reiki session. And even if we can’t all have that lifestyle, Goop is committed to arming you with the knowledge to make choices that better your life in ways big and small.

Aside from starting the magazine, Goop launched a two-day conference called “In Goop Health” and opened a brick-and-mortar store in LA. The event, the shop, and the publication all serve as tangible elements of their online presence. Of the magazine, Paltrow told The Business of Fashion, “It’s really important to us to create Goop on paper and create the opportunity for somebody to sit down with a physical magazine and take a minute and experience the brand.”

2017 was a great year for Goop, and we’re eager to see what 2018 has in store for our goopiest client.