Loup Digital Client This Old House Launches House One 

At Loup Digital, we’re excited to announce

A long-term project we’ve quietly been working on: an amazing millennial brand from This Old House – House One. Think of it at your “Home Projects” Pinterest board brought to life.

House One brings an accessible, down-to-earth approach to seemingly difficult projects. After watching a quick Instagram tutorial, you’ll be on your way to Home Depot to pick up the wood cutlets which are conveniently located in the caption.

Learn how to make this Wood Circle Shelf on House One

Learn how to make this Wood Circle Shelf on House One

House One makes this hairpin table a weekend project

House One makes this hairpin table a weekend project

Jenn Largesse is the digital publication’s creator and editor;

With her comes an intimate storytelling style that elevates the site from Step-by-Step manual to a conversation from your interior designer friend who happens to know woodworking. If you enjoyed her writing on Build Basic, you’ll love catching up with her on the House One blog.

Where other home improvement outlets might feature beautiful inspiration, House One gives you actionable advice on how to personalize your home without professional assistance. The site will also feature those common, essential DIY issues, like cleaning a dishwasher (they don’t actually clean themselves), or switching out a light fixture.


With this amazing content, Loup Digital will help create and cultivate audiences across all content consumption channels, bringing House One to the forefront of millennial home improvement conversations.

After 40 years, This Old House still leads the home improvement industry. Through this millennial offshoot, House One will encourage the excitement and discourage the fear that comes with your first home purchase, giving you the tools you need to personalize and care for your space.

You can find House One on Facebook and Instagram.