My sister-in-law told me about an organization her college roommate started to help families and children in Ethiopia. She suggested making a donation to the Lelt Foundation in lieu of a Christmas gift for her one year. That seemed easy enough. I went to the website, set up an automatic donation to be deducted monthly and checked that one off my list. I opted in to the email list and started to receive occasional email updates.

After reading stories of the children and families Lelt was supporting, I was inspired by Lelt’s mission and approach. Lelt was helping change the trajectory of lives through education, nutrition and business sustainability programs. After being in touch with the founder, Anja, one conversation led to another and we decided to re-design the website. In this day and age, an organizations website is one of their most important branding and conversion tool. Most user experience experts agree that websites need to be redesigned every 2 to 3 years to stay current with design, usability and coding.

Lelt’s donor base was slowly shifting from monthly sponsorships of children and their families to corporate donors. Lelt was in need of a web presence that would appeal to the new donor base and provide a lot more information on the organization. We kicked off the project in late 2017. The project consisted of three phases:

  1. Competitive analysis and website data review (6–8 weeks) — We identify the most important capabilities and flow of the website based on competitive data and website analytics. Data has a narrative

  2. Layout of design and content aggregation (2–4 months) — Collecting content and images are often the longest and most important part of the re-design process. Anja hired a professional photographer on a trip to Ethiopia this summer. The images are stunning. We used these on the website to showcase Lelt’s direct beneficiaries.

  3. Website development and QA (2 months) — We collaborated with a long time creative partner, Fox Interactive Design, to develop a web design on content management tool that would be easy to manage updates and had all of the capabilities to support Lelt’s needs.

Here’s a look at the old and new websites:

Lelt Before Redesign.png

Old Lelt Website

Lelt’s website before the re-design

Starting Point:

  • Not a modern look/feel

  • Too many links/locations on the website for the same content

  • Donation page that did not match the website experience

  • Minimal information for potential donors who want to know more about Lelt’s performance metrics in the community

  • No content management tool to makes updates on the website without coding experience

New Lelt Website

The Result:

  • Developed an experience to appeal to broader donor base and was mobile friendly given the increase in traffic from mobile

  • Built the site under one platform — the blog was on a content management platform while the rest of the site was not previously. Now all changes and experiences would be managed centrally

  • Built a modular website for easy updating in the sponsors page, blog and other pages that occasionally need updating

Lelt’s website after the re-design

This project was near and dear to me. I’m hugely passionate about Lelt’s mission and a big nerd when it comes to a digital experience. Please check out the website if you have a chance and let me know what you think!