Loup Digital Partners with Women's Campaign International


Loup Digital is women-founded, and has been proud to work primarily with other women-run companies to help them build their brands. 

Women empowerment is a company-wide passion.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Women’s Campaign International (WCI), “a Philadelphia-based not-for-profit 501(c)(3) that empowers individuals and communities to participate in civil society, political decision making, and economic development.”

Former congresswoman, journalist, and author Marjorie Margolies founded WCI to empower women with the skills and knowledge it takes to transform their communities from within. By empowering women, they seek to create worldwide, sustainable change.

WCI has programs focusing on different elements of leadership including Global Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Social Mobilization, and Conflict Prevention. For each program, WCI customizes its approach based on the culture in which they’re working. WCI has empowered over 500,000 women in more than 45 countries through its trainings, advocacy, and mentoring.

Loup Digital is helping to expand and engage WCI’s audiences through social media strategy and email marketing, plus public relations and business development (courtesy of sister groups Lori Lefevre Communications and Alison Gilbert, respectively).

Take action and support WCI's initiatives to empower women and change the world.